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Piedmont Blues  
Pick a Peck of Piedmont Pickers
by Andy Cohen, Gareth Hedges, Mike Higgins, Russ Mello & Lauren Sheehan

Music Samples

Click on any title to play a 45-second clip:

1. Charlie Stone (Cohen)
2. Georgia Bound (Sheehan)
3. Fishin' Blues (Hedges)
4. Beantown Rag (Higgins)
5. All Gone Now (Mello)
6. Cincinnati Flow (Cohen & Radcliffe)
7. Good Little Thing (Hedges)
8. That's No Way To Do (Sheehan)
9. Chump Man Blues (Higgins)
10. Rope Stretchin' Blues (Mello)
11. Bell Buckle Rag (Hedges)
12. Spike Driver Blues (Sheehan)
13. Vamp of '28 (Mello)
14. Glory of Love (Cohen)


The American Eastern Piedmont – The Eastern slopes of the Appalachians, from Virginia to Alabama – was where "East Coast Blues" evolved in the early part of the 20th century.

While Delta Blues migrated north in the '30s and became the "Chicago Sound," Piedmont-style players either stayed home or found themselves in Harlem. The most renowned of the Harlem street-singers, and one of the early masters of Piedmont finger-picking was the Rev. Gary Davis. Arthur (Blind) Blake and Blind Willie McTell were among other early luminaries of the style, which borrowed from ragtime piano and so-called "Spanish-style" guitar playing. More recently, Etta Baker, Elizabeth Cotton, John Jackson and John Cephas kept the tradition alive into the '70s, '80s and '90s. With the deaths of Baker and Cephas in the last few years, the torch of this distinctly American music has been passed to another generation.

The men and women on this recording have all studied either at the feet of those earlier masters themselves, or with folks like Paul Geremia and Andy Cohen, who knew, befriended, and studied for years with the giants of the genre. We are grateful to these musicians for keeping alive this particular flame of the American musical tradition.

What others have said:

"This is really a great CD. The instrumentals are incredibly strong. You feel like at times back in the days of the silent film with "Cincinnati Flow Rag," just to name one. It's something different than the amplified guitar violence that you usually hear. The "Piedmont playing tradition" originated in the early 1920s. It is great that these artists not only honor this tradition, but have even added value to the genre."

– Beale Street, radio 105.2, Netherlands

"That's a great CD. Thanks for getting it out there. "

– David John, "Chickenskin Music," KTRU-FM, Houston

"I loved (Piedmont Pickers) and plan to run the entire CD ... very soon! Great tunes and a nice selection ... . "

– 'Twistin' Tom Ball, WAPS-FM 91.3, "The Summit," Akron, OH


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